ScreenArt™ by Pick a Spot Local - Executive Summary

The ScreenArt™ platform/offering is the brainchild of the founders at Pick a Spot Local.

Pick a Spot Local was founded by 3 future focused business colleagues who share a passion for technology & innovation. They knew 6 years ago that the inevitable digital revolution was going to be a massive game changer for leveraging smart brand awareness and taking customer loyalty to a whole new level of engagement touch-points. Exciting technology indeed! However, the team at Pick a Spot Local did not want new digital products for brand awareness to be an exclusive trend for those with deep pockets - but rather a solution that offered a new degree of transparency, control & affordability so all SMEs/SMBs (small and medium enterprises/businesses) could take better control of their digital marketing. The team felt that there had to be a better way to keep things simple and local with the key question being, “Why does it always have to be a huge cost to set-up, and how can we be of help?” What if we created digital tools that had the smallest possible outlay for users for a more level playing field?

The result is our first product offering, ScreenArt™.

After years of development, trouble shooting, problem solving and endless nights of coding, Pick a Spot Local is finally ready to make this application available to the world! We do hope, that by joining us, we can realize our vision for better local prosperity & reconnecting communities with their local businesses - wherever in the world you may be!

There are no lock-in contracts, no on-going fees or minimum external advert placements - as a Screen Partner, users can simply display their own adverts on their own screen in-house free (4 default advert slots which you can use for in-house adverts). Additionally, users can also choose to select other local screen partner’s to promote with. This costs 11cents US per credit per play. The affordability and predictability of the ScreenArt™ display application is key to making ad spend more affordable and more predictable for budgeting purposes.

At 11cents US per 30 seconds, we believe we have accomplished the affordability side. When it comes to predictability, screen partners and promoters are one in the same in that screen partners can predict accurately who will promote with them, and promoters, in turn, can predict accurately the audience they will promote to and when and how much they are willing to spend.

This is our unique point of difference along with minimal outlay on Hardware - local, live and most importantly roughly 72% of all money spent on externally played advertising goes to the relative screen partners - this will be an added boost to the local economies and the businesses that support them.


Responding to revolution

The digital revolution, like every revolution, can be viewed either as a catastrophe or as a world of opportunity – depending on whether your allegiances lie with the old order or the new. Optimism is a prerequisite for survival.




Welcome to ScreenArt by Pick a Spot Local

ScreenArt is an online digital signage content management & networking application platform unlike any other - it offers networking and revenue raising capabilities to Screen Partners & Advertisers - 30 sec/per ad/artwork JPEG on a full HD screen you choose on our network.


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