We’ve thought outside the box to help advance small business in the Digital Age

Pick a Spot Local is a West Australian Company founded by a couple of future-focused small business colleagues in Perth, Western Australia who all share a passion for technology, innovation and local prosperity wherever local may be to you. We knew seven years ago that the inevitable digital revolution was going to be a massive game changer for leveraging smart brand awareness and taking customer loyalty to a whole new level of engagement touch-points.

Exciting technology indeed! So what does the future hold for small businesses in the face of such game-changing technology? We took the view that modern digital technology should not be an exclusive trend for the multinational chains of this world with deep pockets, but rather, a solution that offered a new degree of competitiveness and prosperity for small businesses, and it's local communities!

We set out on a mission to create digital offerings that would try and achieve this vision. The result is our first digital product offering, Pick as Spot Local "ScreenArt", a digital signage content management system (CMS) that gives business owners full control of their advertisements and the ability to network and promote other businesses to their audience with the majority of the advertisers spend going into their business bank accounts!

It's taken years of burning the midnight oil thinking creatively, coding, testing and problem-solving to get our offering to this point! It works great and we've even inbuilt a feature to auto reconnect when the internet breaks! Mind you, we are but little guys ourselves, sacrificing family time, holidays, sleep and personal finance! We've thought out of the box to not only create a business for ourselves in this digital era, but more importantly, realise our vision and create opportunities for other local businesses regarding digital signage hardware sales, graphic design of adverts, account management and more!

Give our application a try! Share this with other business owners you may know. We don't sell the hardware or create the adverts - all set-up information from required hardware to graphic templates and more are in the footer of our site. Give your local IT guy or graphic designer a call; Pick a Spot Local is about supporting "local business" after all!

Responding to revolution

The digital revolution, like every revolution, can be viewed either as a catastrophe or as a world of opportunity – depending on whether your allegiances lie with the old order or the new. Optimism is a prerequisite for survival.

Read more at https://knowledge.insead.edu/leadership-organisations/11-leadership-guidelines-for-the-digital-age-5516#wxjR0aqvEE8jAgB5.99



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ScreenArt - a pioneering digital signage CMS & revenue earning networking platform

ScreenArt is an innovative online digital signage content management system & networking platform for advertisers & digital signage owners to network and transact. There are 120 thirty-second Jpeg slots p/hour which repeat every hour a screen is operational. Advertisers purchase credits & submit their jpegs to a target Screen Partner (owner of targeted digital sign/screen) on our network. The Screen Partner receives a notification of the jpeg ad pending approval in their ScreenArt account control panel. One click approval is all it takes for addition into the screen schedule. The Screen Partner earns a credit for every slot booked. These earned credits are cashable. Screen Partners have four free default filler slots to utilise for their in-house adverts which are interchangeable at any time via simple account login online.

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