Become a Screen Partner with Pick a Spot Local

Take control of your digital signage adverts and create an additional revenue stream

Becoming a Screen Partner is easy. Connect your Full HD Digital Signage Screen to this website and log into your account via Google Chrome.

Go to the "My Account" menu dropdown tab, and fill in the required information in the "My Screen Partner Profile" section. Slide the "Screen Status" switch to "Ready" in your account once your TV / digital signage screen is connected to your account on this website - you are now a Screen Partner and should appear within the "Screen Partner" search results.

Leave the "Screen Status" switch on "Not Ready" (default state) and use your registered account as a Promoter/Advertiser to network & promote with Screen Partners.

Turning your screen status in your ScreenArt account to "Ready" will let others on our network know that you are open to networking/showcasing adverts you approve. As a Screen Partner, you get PAID $0.08USD per image play when you approve external adverts received to play on your screen! Payment is received in the form of cashable credits. Promoters/Advertisers pay $0.11USD per credit with the Screen Partner receiving the lion's share of the credit value. Screen Partners require a minimum of 500 earned credits to request cash-out. This will be paid by Pick a Spot Local into a Paypal account you designate. Please note that final payouts may be less any associated Paypal & related bank transactional fees.

Pick A Spot Local example
Charlie the Store Owner


Charlie has signed-up to ScreenArt & plays his own in-house specials FREE on his screen by capitalising on the platforms free "default filler" place-holders. In the illustration above, it's am coffee time at Charlie's Café - Charlie is already advertising the days Lunch special and is taking pre-orders. Additionally, he networks & offers others low cost advertising on his screen & in doing so creates an additional revenue stream! However, Charlie is rather busy most of the time, as are most small business owners, so managing advertiser art requests for his ScreenArt display can be challenging time wise. But, Charlie is a smart dude, and when an opportunity in the form of his right hand "man" Sue, presents, he is quick to form a mutual beneficial arrangement.

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Lucy a Local Store Owner/Customer


Her kids are growing fast and she could do with a few extra hours work but doesn't want to be away from her children longer than her current normal work shifts. Charlie gives her the role of Screen Manager and profit shares the revenue earned from his screen with her - cashable advertiser earned credits. Sue manages the screen entirely at home daily to approve/disapprove received external promoter requests, update the Cafe’s own local advert offers and puts in cash-out requests to ScreenArt - all this from her home computer. When she gets to work at the Cafe’ in the morning, she turns on Charlie’s screen, logs in to Charlie's ScreenArt account via the Google Chrome web browser, and launches the ScreenArt platform to display scheduled art. She also takes an interest and networks with customers encouraging them to target Charlie's screen as well as advertising with other local Screen Partners in their area via the ScreenArt website!

Jesse the Promoter


Jesse is a candidate in the upcoming local government election. He promotes on-screen at Charlie's establishment and also pops by one morning for a coffee. He is instantly recognised by patrons and gets his campaigning for the day into motion with a flying start—thanks to Charlies special double espresso!

Local IT Supplier & Advertiser


Phil, a manager at a specialist technology store, advertises via ScreenArt on Charlie's screen. His company also supplied and installed Charlie’s HD Screen, Intel Compute Stick and wireless keyboard with mouse in order to get Charlie Screen Partner ready with ScreenArt!

Lucy a Local Store Owner/Customer


Lucy, a regular customer, is going to promote her businesses on Charlie’s screen. Her business is located a block away & does not have alot of passer-by traffic. Charlie's screen is perfect for targeted local exposure and local brand awareness for Lucy’s business.


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