Digital Screen Signage Platform - Explained

By creating your free account, you instantly have a platform that gives you, as a user, the capability of displaying still image (jpeg) digital art on any full HD LED Display Screen on our network and on your very own full HD screen when you decide to connect a screen up to our website for your in-house digital display signage solutions.

Screenart Inhouse Art Placeholders

All user accounts currently come standard with 4 default "filler image slots" which are perfect for the display of internal artwork/adverts for those who connect a screen and use "inhouse" - these 4 slots are absolutely free. Users can change their Inhouse ScreenArt/Advert slides at anytime.


120 thirty second image slots per hour for Promoter / Advertiser Artwork

ScreenArt display and earn digital platform

The ScreenArt™ platform has a built-in 120 thirty second image slots that plays every hour a screen is operational. The 4 standard default filler image slots (mentioned above) makes way, or gives right of play, to any received artwork/adverts a Screen Partner (a registered user who has a screen connected on our network) receives from other registered users via the their ScreenArt™ account - display is subject to Screen Partner one-click approval. These external artworks/adverts earns the Screen Partner a credit each time the approved advert plays on their screen to their audience. With 120 slots to fill with external users ads, at near or full capacity, being a Screen Partner can be lucrative as a revenue earner as each earned credit has a cashable value of US8c.


Earned Credits from Advertisers are cashable

A minimum of 500 earned credits are needed for a Screen Partner to have cash-out eligibility.

ScreenArt™ users looking to promote on any participating Screen Partner screen can do so easily - users simply purchase credits (US11c each) via the ScreenArt™ website and submit their artwork/adverts to target Screen Partners on our network. Once the Screen Partner approves the users received advert/artwork, the Screen Partner receives a credit via automated transfer everytime the users approved artwork/advert plays on the Screen Partners screen. 1 x credit = 1 x 30 sec advert display on screen.

ScreenArt display signage platform for advertisers / brand promotion

How to use by Pick a Spot Local as a Promoter

Q: As a Promoter I search this site to find a Screen Partner in a location I would like to target. I have my 1920 x 1080 HD web optimised jpeg advert already uploaded to my user account (in the “My Artwork for Targeting” section) and I am ready to promote on this target screen. What next?

A: Firstly, you will need to purchase a pack of credits to have available in your online account wallet. Various bundles are made available on the site for your convenience. 1 x purchased credit = 1 x 30 sec slot display on a Screen Partners screen, and this repeats every hour on their screen for the duration of their business hours. For a Screen Partner Display Screen that operates for 8 hours, this means a cost of 8 credits to you for that day. If you submit the advert twice to the same Screen Partner, you will now get two plays every hour, repeated through the day, week, and so on. If a business runs their screen for 8hours per day for 6 days in the week, you will need a total of 48 credits in your online wallet if you submit once. The idea of repeating adverts every hour ensures an even spread through the day, so promoters don’t clamber for peak audience periods only.

You can stop the advert from playing on their screen at anytime, a one click action within your user account section is all it takes. Credits transfer only on verified plays on the targeted Screen Partner Screen. No play, no pay. And your advert only plays once the Screen Partner has a chance to view your advert and approve it via their ScreenArt account.

If you have a popular venue that you would like to retain your advert slots with, make sure your online wallet stays topped up, as if your credits run out, the next approved advertiser in the queue gets the slot. You may have to wait a while or risk never getting that slot back with that venue - it all depends on the Screen Partners popularity/ demand with promoters.

ScreenArt digital display signage platform

Be a Screen Partner with

All users have the capability to connect their very own screen when ready (becoming a Screen Partner themselves) to showcase their own art/adverts internally and to play other users (external / promoters) adverts. Once you get your screen connected to this website in your venue, just flick your Screen Partner status switch to "Ready", to let promoters know that you are open to receiving artwork play requests.

If you are concerned about your wireless wifi connection dropping out, well all you have to do in this event is nothing. Our system will automatically reload when your internet reconnects and your artwork display schedule resumes from that scheduled. Advertiser Artwork that did not display during the disruption won't be charged (your account wont be credited in other words). Yes, we thought about this issue and have come up with the goods to avoid charging people for advert artwork that did not play. Also, an ethernet connected screen is a more stable option.

ScreenArt digital display signage platform by Pick a Spot Local

Give a go!

Whilst this might look like a lot to take in, the best way to familiarize yourself with the system is to actually sign-up and have a go. This platform is really quite simple - giving you full control of your digital display artwork / content. We've made it accessible, affordable for promoters and beneficial for Screen Partners, so don't hesitate. The digital revolution is live!



ScreenArt - making digital display promoting easy!

The digital revolution is live! Spread the word!

Welcome to ScreenArt by Pick a Spot Local

ScreenArt is an online digital signage content management & networking application platform unlike any other - it offers networking and revenue raising capabilities to Screen Partners & Advertisers - 30 sec/per ad/artwork JPEG on a full HD screen you choose on our network.


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