ScreenArt™ Digital Display Platform - Basic Set-up Info for Users & FAQs

Here's a step by step guide on how to get started with the ScreenArt™ digital display platform

Step 1
Sign Up to create your free ScreenArt™ account.
Step 2
Complete your "Promoter" profile after simple registration to let people know about your business/brand/offerings. Activate your status switch to let people know you are looking to promote with Screen Partners. When you flick the switch, you are set-up as a Promoter to target other Screen Partners.
Step 3
Get your graphic designers to download the PSD (Photo Shop Document) template on this site, then create and send your HD optimized artwork jpegs to you so you can target Screen Partners. Upload your Artwork to your account (the cloud).
Step 4
You will need to purchase a pack of credits to have available in your online account wallet to target Screen Partners. 1 x purchased credit = 1 x 30 sec slot display on a Screen Partners screen, and this repeats every hour on their screen for the duration of their business hours. For a Screen Partner Display Screen that operates for 8 hours, this means a cost of 8 credits to you for that day. If you submit the advert twice to the same Screen Partner, you will now get two plays every hour, repeated through the day, week, and so on. If a business runs their screen for 8hours per day for 6 days in the week, you will need a total of 48 credits in your online wallet if you submit once. The idea of repeating adverts every hour ensures an even spread through the day, so promoters don’t clamber for peak audience periods only.
Step 5
Keep enough Credits in your online wallet: If you have a popular venue that you would like to retain your advert slots with, make sure your online wallet stays topped up, as if your credits run out, the next approved advertiser in the queue gets the slot. You may have to wait a while or risk never getting that slot back with that venue - it all depends on the Screen Partners popularity/ demand with promoters.
Step 6
Connect your very own screen when ready (become a Screen Partner) to showcase your own art/adverts internally and to play other users (external / promoters) adverts on your screen to your audience. Populate your Screen Partner Profile with premises Photos showing your screen (1920 x 1080) and venue, populate your 4 free default slots with your own artwork to display in-house to your customers and patrons. Flick your Screen Partner status switch to "Ready", to let promoters know that you are open to receiving artwork play requests.
Step 7

Requirements for screen set-up:

1. A full HD LED TV screen
2. An Intel Compute-Stick
3. High speed broadband internet
4. Google Chrome - web browser
5. Wireless/blue tooth keyboard & mouse

Beware! Some Smart TV's may not have the required JavaScript needed to run ScreenArt. To avoid disappointment we recommend you set-up as per the above.

Tip! Make sure your HD display is set to this resolution 1920 x 1080

Step 8
Switch your screen on everyday, login to your account, check for any pending promoter artwork that may need approval and launch your screen.
Step 9

Network with suppliers , other non competitor businesses to gain exposure to your captive audience. Earn credits and once you reach your 500 credit milestone you can put in for a cash out request, and we will process in a timely manner.

Step 10
Change your adverts on the go, announce upcoming events, clearance sales, 1 hour only super discounts on stock that needs to go, etc etc.
Step 11
Network local for better business and stronger local economies. Engage an account manager and perhaps profit share, if you do not have the time. A world of opportunity awaits!



  1. An Intel Compute-Stick is probably the easiest option to turn a FULL HD Screen into a Web Browsing Computer. Two things to note with the Compute-Stick: a) change the size of text, apps and other items to 100% (defaults at 150%) and; b) change the resolution to 1920 x 1080px

Step 1: Check your that your screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1080, adjust if different and now try launching. If the problem persists, then;

Step 2: Are you using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? When launching ScreenArt™ to display all artwork on your Full HD screen, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Launch of ScreenArt™ is unfortunately not compatible with Safari and Explorer currently. We will get around to solving this soon.

Promoters are responsible for the creation of their individual HD jpeg adverts. Only adverts that Screen Partners approve will display on a Screen Partner screen. For the most effective adverts, we recommend that you use a professional graphic designer.
Advertisers are responsible for the creation of their individual jpeg adverts and can use their own graphic designers or design agencies to produce their advert stills. Adverts submitted to Screen Partner's will only display on the Screen Partners screen if the Screen Partner approves the adverts via their ScreenArt™ account .

1 x ScreenArt™ Slot = 1 x Credit
1 x ScreenArt™ Slot Credit (30 seconds of advert play) = USD$0.11

A Full HD LED TV screen is recommended. The size of your wall/room on your premises and viewer distance to your screen would determine the size of the screen.
No, ScreenArt™ adverts are completely silent, no audio, just 30 second still digital image adverts in jpeg format.
No, ScreenArt™ will automatically reload when your internet reconnects and your artwork display schedule resumes from that scheduled. Advertiser Artwork that did not display during the disruption won't be charged (your account wont be credited in other words). Yes, we thought about this issue and have come up with the goods to avoid charging people for advert artwork that did not play. Also, an ethernet connected screen is a more stable option.

Could not find the answer?

Drop us a line and we will endeavour to get back to you soon!

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